Pre and Post Congress Trips

With more than 80 million inhabitants Germany is not only Europe’s largest nation by population and economic performance, it is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. This website provides several suggestions for optional pre- and post-congress tours through Germany and its neighboring European countries. Seize this chance and explore Germany by hiking on idyllic trails, travelling by train on Germany’s vast railway network or by car on its famous Autobahns. And we promise – you won’t regret your visit! Listed below are the trips offered by third parties which include single-or multi-day package deals as well as individual trips.

Single-day or multi-day package deals:

The package deals are offered by independent tour providers and include single-day or multi-day trips with a fixed schedule, usually in a larger group (except if marked “private tour”). For these organized tours, the itinerary cannot be adjusted to include personal preferences. In general, the price includes transport, the entrance fee for included sights, an experienced English-speaking guide and accommodation (for multi-day trips only). Please check the tour details thoroughly before booking, as optional activities, certain fees or expenses for meals may not be included in the price.


If you would like to visit some of Germany’s most beautiful cities and sights but have limited time, the single-days are most suitable for you!


Before leaving Berlin, join a day-trip to learn about the Olympic Games held in Berlin in 1936 in the Olympic stadium, which is now the home stadium to the soccer-club Hertha BSC. Or visit the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial to learn more about Germany’s history during the Second World War. You can also visit the city of Dresden, which is known for the beautiful historic city center, the boasting lively arts and cultural scene. Take a look at the baroque church: Frauenkirche, which was completely rebuilt after World War II and is famous for its grand dome. The last single-day trip will take you to the world-famous Castle Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, depicting its rich culture, long-traditions and breathtaking scenery of mountains, lakes and the beautiful castles.


The multi-day trips will offer even more insights on what Germany and its neighboring countries have to offer.


Visit Salzburg in Austria, with its fascinating landmarks such as the Salzburg Cathedral, St. Peter’s Abbey or the Mozart Square. Enjoy the views of the Lower Bavarian Alps before travelling to Munich along the Mondsee. Take a look at the most impressive remaining medieval castle in Harburg and the picturesque medieval old-town Rothenburg. Another trip, lasting three days, will take you from Munich to Frankfurt along the Romantic Road, while stopping in Heidelberg, the oldest university town in Germany and Rothenburg. A short trip is not enough to take in all these wonderful cities and sights? Join the German Vista Tour from Berlin to Munich to include as many sights in Germany as possible. Not only Germany and Austria have a lot to offer, also the Eastern European parts like Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary are worth a visit. Join the 7 days tour to visit the Eastern European Highlights and enjoy the beautiful cities of Bratislava, Prague, Budapest and many more during the roundtrip from Frankfurt am Main or join the Best of Eastern Europe tour, lasting 14 days, which includes cities like Warsaw and Krakow alongside other Eastern European cities. If you prefer travelling and relaxing during a boat trip, then go on the 8 days River-Cruise from Zürich to Amsterdam along the romantic Rhine. Visit cities like Breisach, Strasbourg in France, Mainz and Cologne with its famous twin-spired cathedral.

Individual trips:

These private tours offer more flexibility and are just for your party! The travel agency provides several suggestions for individual tours and will be pleased to tailor them to suit your preferences. Please contact the travel agency for your personal itinerary. Individual tours include car rental, accommodation and guided city tours (with experienced English-speaking guides); optional activities, entrance fees, meals, gasoline, insurance or other personal expenses are not included. will be happy to assist you with any individually planned short trip, hotel, car or plane ticket you need before or after ICA 2018!


If you prefer travelling individually without large groups and driving yourself, the individual tours are worth a look.

Travel to the German Hanse and take a look at the cities of Hamburg, Lübeck and Bremen in Northern Germany and be fascinated by the biggest port in Germany and the original Hanseatic charm. Don’t miss out on the chance to visit the famous Black Forest, known, among other things, for its cuckoo clocks, gateau and untouched nature. Experience extraordinary places alongside the Romantic Road from Würzburg to Füssen, including the famous UNESCO World Heritage site: the Wieskirche or be fascinated by the Middle Rhine valley, including Ruedesheim and Rheingau, with its famous castle “Rhinestein”. The tour “in the footsteps of the Romans” is perfect for history enthusiasts. While travelling to cities like Cologne, Trier and Koblenz you will learn about the historic value of the Romans for Germany. You can also join the tour to Thuringia and Saxony to learn more about Germany’s history, visiting cities like Dresden and Weimar. Apart from history and famous sights, car-lovers will enjoy the individual tour devoted to German automobiles and its history.

Visa requirements:


Please check visa requirements with your local consulate(s); travelers are responsible for obtaining their own visas. For more information take a look at our visa and entry requirement page.

Note on external tour operators:

Please note that all pre- and post-congress tours are provided by third parties. The list of tours is only a small selection of tours available on the internet, and is intended to give ICA attendees an idea of possible excursions. The tours were chosen because of the major tourist highlights covered during the trips and the positive reviews by previous travelers. There are, however, numerous similar trips available online. There is no financial connection between ICA 2018 and the tour operators.
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