Pole Position – No Matter Where You Are!

Actuaries have always been there since the beginning of time. They have left their traces in every age and at every place. But the actuaries haven’t just been present; they have shaped the situations actively with their expertise.


With this new series we want to show you with a smile some historic events where actuaries were in pole position. And they all have one thing in common: Up until today, actuaries had no other choice but to be present in person. However, the Virtual ICA 2018 will change everything. Finally, with the modernization of the video and transmission technology it is possible for all actuaries to experience and to follow important events like the ICA 2018 in Berlin from all over the world. Whether you are in Australia, America, Asia, Europe or Africa – now you can still occupy the pole position. No matter where you are.


Up until the ICA 2018, you will find a couple of images, illustrating an actuary in a different age at a crucial moment in history. Be curious and find out where the actuary has left his traces!

Starting with the Neanderthals 40,000 years ago who already considered actuaries in their early cave paintings.


Already the Egyptians needed the knowledge of actuaries. With their mathematical skills they supported the construction of the pyramids.


Based on previously analyzed damage rates by the actuaries, the Greeks could rely on a safe journey with their Trojan Horse.


Even the Romans could count on a good advice from the actuaries during their gladiator battles.


If Columbus had the knowledge of an actuary, it would have been easier to assess the way to America in 1492.


Thanks to the actuaries, the aliens were familiar with actuarial science. Thus they could safely prepare the return journey of the first man on the moon.

Finally, from now on every actuary is able to occupy the pole position from all over the world and can be part of the ICA 2018 community.


The first Virtual ICA 2018


More than 150 hours of first class scientific content – As part of the Virtual ICA 2018 many sessions from 8 lecture halls in Berlin will be broadcast live online and provided as recorded sessions afterwards. This allows a much broader audience from all over the world to follow the high value content presented during the ICA, and helps to secure this knowledge in a sustainable manner. Furthermore, thanks to the success of the Call for Papers, the VICA will also feature many exclusive recorded sessions as online presentations by qualified authors to whom the ICA could not offer a presentation slot in Berlin.


The virtual ICA is supported by a number of institutional partners and several Sections of the IAA. Members of the IAA sections AFIR-ERM, ASTIN, IACA, LIFE can access the Virtual ICA at no extra cost. If you also want to join the VICA as well become a member of at least one of these IAA sections.


Further information about the IAA and the VICA can be found here: