Introductory videos of the Plenary Sessions

A highlight for all delegates attending the ICA 2018 were the daily Plenary Sessions held by internationally-renowned representatives from the insurance and finance industries as well as from regulation. The latest topics that will move the actuarial profession forward in 2018 and beyond were debated. All plenary sessions were presented either with following talks or as panel discussions. The packed conference rooms and high number of attendees at the Plenary Sessions reflected their high status within the full ICA program.

The Plenary Sessions focused on topics such as the Future of Demography/Longevity, Future of Insurance, Future of Low Interest Rate Environment, Future of Mobility and Future of Regulation. A sincere thank you to our eminent speakers Mikko Myrskylä, Winfried Heinen, Jacques Wasserfall, Scott Cochran, Alf Neumann, Andrew Rear, Corinne Trocellier, John Haley, Peter Praet, Stephen O’Hearn, Klaus Wiener, Ken Mungan, Alexander Sixt, Frank Sommerfeld, Bernhard Lang, Gabriel Bernardino, Yannick Hausmann, Felix Hufeld, Patrick Raaflaub and Nils Dennstedt for being part of the Plenary Sessions at the ICA 2018 in Berlin.

At the beginning of all Plenary Sessions an introductory video was shown introducing the respective topic, summarizing the most important facts concerning the topic and explaining the current situation. These videos are now available online in our Youtube channel.


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