Individual Multi-Day Trip: In the footsteps of the Romans (6 days)

This interesting journey will show you the Roman highlights in the cities of Cologne, Trier, Koblenz and Mainz.

Starting in Cologne, delve into the Roman history of this city and explore the district around the cathedral and the old town with your private guide. See the Romanesque church Groß St. Martin, stroll along the narrow lanes of the Old Town and experience the lively squares such as the Old Market in order to get a feeling of life in the city both then and now. The Roman-German Museum and the Praetorium are an excellent way to round off your stay in Cologne.

Moving on to Trier, Germany’s oldest city and once the most important Roman settlement north of the Alps, a guided tour will provide an insight into its history, including the monumental Porta Nigra, Trier’s most famous landmark, the Aula Palatina and the Imperial baths.

The next day will start with a drive along the river Moselle to Koblenz through picturesque small wine-growing villages. In Koblenz, also founded by the Romans on the banks of the river Rhine, a city guide awaits you for a tour. A cable car will take you across the river Rhine to the Ehrenbreitstein fortress, from where you will enjoy a wonderful view of the Koblenz region and the famous “Deutsches Eck (mouth of the Moselle to the Rhine).

Drive through the World heritage site “Middle Rhine Valley“ to Mainz, famous for the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg, and explore its Roman roots. This tour includes car rental and accommodation.

Departure point: Cologne, Germany
Price: from €610  per person
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