Individual Multi-Day Trip: German Hanse (4 days)

The Hanseatic cities dominated Baltic maritime trade for three centuries, and led to wealth and prosperity in the member cities of the Hanseatic League. Join us for a journey through the German Hanse cities of  Lübeck, Hamburg and Bremen!

In Lübeck, you will learn about the emergence of the medieval Hanseatic League into a great trade power in the Western, Eastern and Northern European regions as well as their development and history up to the present day. Many houses in the old town center testify to the richness of this epoch, and your personal guide will show you the main sights of this beautiful city, such as the Old Town with its alleys and courtyards, or the Holsten Gate. Maybe the Seafarer’s Guild restaurant  can tempt you with its traditional cuisine and beer? On the next day, you will drive to Hamburg and meet your guide who will show you contemporary architecture, rich central city parks, impressive viewpoints and the most important sights of the Hanseatic city.

Afterwards, you will continue by boat. During the port tour you will learn about Germany’s largest port and the “Speicherstadt”, the largest warehouse district in the world. The last Hanse city on this tour is Bremen. Marvel at Bremen’s sights: The Old Town with its little pubs, the market square with town hall and Roland, also known as “Bremen’s Statue of Liberty”, and of course, you must not miss the Bremen town musicians, based on the fairytale by the brothers Grimm. This tour includes car rental and accommodation.

Departure point: Lübeck, Germany
Price: from €440 per Person
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