Young Reseachers Program

As part of the regular program, ICA 2018 is offering three formats that are particularly suitable for the active participation of actuaries who are just starting their careers – The Innovation  Platform, the Summer School and the Deep Dive.


In two of the formats – the workshops “Innovation Platform” and “Summer School” – participants will be able to engage in a deeper discussion of economically important and mathematically challenging topics. Anyone who cannot travel to the ICA 2018 in Berlin in person can participate in the “Deep Dive”. This online session, especially designed for young academics, will combine a live talk from Berlin with attractive online offerings.

Innovation Platform

The Innovation Platform is a forum that allows the discussion and further development of new and unusual ideas to address current problems in insurance. Two researchers and/or practitioners will briefly present innovative approaches to emerging risks. The audience will then discuss one of these in detail in a workshoptype setting.

AFIR/ERM Innovation Platform

“Innovative Approaches to Emerging Risks”

Speaker tba
Presentation on Tuesday 8:30

Summer School

The Summer School is a series of two lectures within the ICA 2018 that clarifi es the foundations of the economically important and mathematically challenging topic “market consistent valuation of liabilities”. Talks will be given by Alexander McNeil for ASTIN and by Frank Schiller for LIFE.


“Aspects of Market-Consistent Valuation in Non-Life Insurance” 

Alexander McNeil (University of York)
Presentation on Wednesday 10.30



“Aspects of Market-consistent valuation in Life Insurance” 

Frank Schiller (Munich Re)
Presentation on Monday 16.30

Deep Dive

The Deep Dive is intended to complement the program by providing further background on a hot topic. It will be in the form of a 90-minute discussion session that goes more into the details of the corresponding regular ICA presentation. The Deep Dive will be given by Thomas Møller, complementing and further detailing his ICA talk on decision making in pensions. The Deep Dive will be recorded and provided online. The introductory and follow-up online sessions will introduce key ideas and summarize important aspects of the Deep Dive.


“Market Consistent Cash Flows for Benefi ts, Tax and Future Profi ts in Life and Pension Insurance”
Thomas Møller (PFA Pension Denmark)
Presentation on Tuesday 8.30