Young Researcher Program

1st-Announcement_Young_Researcher_kleinThe scientific program of ICA 2018 will offer three formats that are particularly suitable for the active participation of academics at the beginning of their careers.

In addition to young scientists, ICA 2018 also hopes to attract senior academics and practitioners who want to investigate current “hot topics”.

Innovation Platform

The Innovation Platform is a forum that allows the discussion and further development of novel and unusual ideas to address current problems in insurance. Three young researchers and three practitioners present innovative approaches to relevant issues in the context of „emerging risks“. Each presentation lasts 10 minutes. Afterwards, the audience will choose two approaches and discuss these in subsequent workshops. The results of these workshops will be pre-sented to the audience. The Innovation Platform is expected to take place on Tuesday.

Summer School

The Summer School is a short series of lectures within the ICA that clarifies the foundations underlying current actuarial research and practice. The Summer School will cover the economically important and mathematically challenging topic “market consistent valuation of liabilities”. Academics and practitioners are to give the talks, which will also be rec-orded and provided online. Two sessions lasting 90 minutes are expected to take place on Monday and Wednesday.

Deep Dive

The Deep Dive is intended to complement the programme by providing further background on a hot topic. The Deep Dive will cover the economically relevant and mathematically challenging topic „designing and pricing annuities and LTC products in a stochastic environment“. It will be in the form of a 90-minute discussion session that goes into the details of the corresponding “regular” ICA presentation. Both the regular session and the Deep Dive will be recorded and provided online.

Bursary program

All formats will take place in the first half of the ICA 2018 congress week in order to enable those attendees who are joining the congress for three days only to participate as well. In addition, ICA 2018 will offer a bursary program for young academics. The details of the program will be announced by the middle of 2017.