Getting closer to Berlin with the Highlights Tour

With around 12.5 million visitors a year Berlin ranks as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. From the famous landmark of the Brandenburg Gate, the symbol for the division and unification of Germany, to the Reichstag, the seat of the German government – the city has many interesting sights to offer. With the Highlights Tour on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon you will get the perfect introduction to Berlin’s centre and its most famous landmarks.

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December issue of ICA 2018 newsletter published

ica-newsletter-3_webseite_klein In our third edition you can read about our new 2-minute invitation video. We thank RGA for the great support to produce this image video.

Moreover the newsletter contains information on the Call for Papers, the virtual format at the Autumn Meeting of the DAV as well as updates on our social medie campaigns.

Your comments, questions or any other feedback regarding this newsletter or other aspects is welcome ( Looking forward to hearing from you

New ICA 2018 invitation video published

We proudly present today: Our new 2 minute ICA 2018 invitation video!

Klaus Heubeck, chair of the ICA 2018 national organising committee, explains what you can expect from the ICA 2018 and why you should attend the event at any costs. The video also features beautiful impressions of Berlin, the vibrant capital of Germany.

We would kindly like to thank our Platinum partner RGA for their great support to produce this video!

Originator is Atelier 2 Hompesch GmbH

Second edition of the ICA 2018 Newsletter published

ica2018-newsletter_no2_neuFind the latest information and all updates in the new ICA 2018 Newsletter.


The second edition contains articles about the social and scientific program as well as the latest impressions and updates from the DAV Autumn meeting in Cologne and the ASSA Convention 2016 in Cape Town. Read the full newsletter here.


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To all South African actuaries: Thank you for visiting us

ica-sa_geldubergabeA big thank you to all South African Actuaries who have visited the ICA 2018 booth at the ASSA Convention 2016 in Cape Town. Attendees were asked to participate in the prize draw “I am 100,000″ and the quiz game “Who’s gonna be an ICA Millionaire”. Participating paid off: In total more than 14,000,000 I₡A were raised for the Actuaries For Actuaries fund. The money will be used to finance extra scholarships for actuaries from emerging countries or smaller actuarial associations.

We thank the Actuarial Association of South Africa for sponsoring the quiz game during the ASSA Convention 2016.   Roseanne da Silva, president of the Actuarial Association of South Africa and Wilhelm Schneemeier, president of the Deutsche Aktuarvereinigung.       Continue reading

Actuarial Society of South Africa becomes first national partner at VICA 2018

LOGO_ICA_2018_AThe ICA 2018 will be the first ICA in history which will be enriched with virtual formats. Participants who join the Virtual ICA 2018 (VICA 2018) will get the chance to take part in various online sessions with self-study materials prior to the ICA, live broadcasting during the congress and online discussions after the lectures. Further information on the Virtual ICA 2018 can be found in due course online.

As part of the VICA 2018, national associations can enrich the scientific program with country specific online sessions. The so-called National Partner Program enables national actuaries to participate, even if they cannot be present in Berlin personally. We are pleased to announce that the Actuarial Society of South Africa has decided to support the project as the first national partner. The contract was signed during the Actuarial Society’s Convention 2016 in Cape Town.

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Apart from science – the social program

Come together

jura-high-voll011Kick off the ICA 2018 on Sunday, 3 June 2018 with our evening event at the Natural History Museum in Berlin. Get exclusive insights into the museum and dine next to the Brachiosaurus brancai. With 13.27 metres it is the tallest mounted dinosaur skeleton in the world, as the Guinness Book of Records confirms. An event not to be missed.


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The heart of the ICA 2018

More than 200 lectures by over 250 speakers, 12 limited attendance experiences, internationally renowned guest speakers and the award of best papers in six subject areas – in 2018, the international actuarial expertise will meet in Berlin. Find out what you can expect from the scientific program.

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JEOPARDI₡A increases bursary fund

Almost one billion I₡A – converted into Euro – for the “Actuaries For Actuaries” fund – this is the result of the autumn meeting of the DAV in Cologne from 14 to 15 November 2016. Many intrigued actuaries took part in the JEOPARDI₡A quiz and phrased their questions to our answers. Though winning wasn’t only a question of the right answer, but also of speed. Hence, only the team who pressed the buzzer first could answer. We thank RISK-CONSULTING for sponsoring the JEOPARDI₡A quiz at the autumn meeting of the DAV. ica Continue reading