Vote for your favorite ICA 2018 formula!

The „My ICA 2018 Formula Challenge” has now ended! Make sure to vote for your favorite ICA-Formula of 2018, which will be displayed at the ICA 2018 in Berlin.

The aim of the formula campaign was to collect as many different formulae equal to “2018” as possible. We have received various different formulae from many places in the world. Each formula had to be mathematically correct and somehow personalized e.g. through headings “Mary’s lemma of theoretical exactness”, “Peter’s formula of universal interchange” or “The theorem for a successful actuarial get-together”. 37 creative and impressive formulae were submitted.

Have a look at all the submitted formulae and vote anonymously for your favorite one. Follow this link to get to the voting:

The winning formulae will be announced in due course and will be seen again as part of the ICA 2018.

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