Confirmed Invited Speaker

Well-known guest speakers from both academia and practice covered topics of one or more program strands. As experts in their fields, these invited speakers focused on relevant actual actuarial and financial topics. The invited speaker sessions took place on each day of the ICA 2018 – visit our website for more information on the diverse topics.


Alternative Investments
Dirk Popielas (TC Advisory)


Quantifying Model Risk
Paul Glasserman (Columbia University)


Flood Risk Modelling: Methodology and Challenges
Hansjörg Albrecher (University of Lausanne)


Macro-Prudential Surveillance beyond Banking: Recent Developments and Perspectives
Benjamin Weigert (Deutsche Bundesbank)


Perspectives on Bridging Actuarial Theory and Practice
Hansjörg Albrecher (University of Lausanne)


Solutions to Biometric, Mortality and Longevity Risks
Stéphane Loisel (Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University)


Managing Risk and Uncertainty at Munich Re
Bernhard Kaufmann (Munich Re)


Risk Modelling and Valuation
Paul Embrechts (ETH Zurich)
Paul Glasserman (Columbia University)
Tom Wilson (Allianz)


CRO Round Table
Tom Wilson (Allianz)
Sue Kean (Old Mutual Group)


Cyber Risk
Shaun Wang (Nanyang Technology
Stephan Gerhager (Allianz)


Advances in Stochastic Mortality Modelling and Demographic Feature Extraction

Gareth Peters (Heriot-Watt University)


Using Risk Factors in Insurance Analytics: Data Driven Strategies
Katrien Antonio (KU Leuven)


Application of Machine Learning Techniques in Non-Life Insurance
Gero Nießen (Willis Towers Watson)


Aspects of Market-Consistent Valuation in Non-Life Insurance
Alexander McNeil (University of York)


From Big Data to Big Information – Obstacles, Traps and Opportunities
Göran Kauermann (LMU Munich)


NatCat Modelling – 45 Years of Natural Disaster Research at Munich Re: Lessons From the Past and for the Future
Gerhard Berz (LMU Munich)
Peter Höppe (Munich Re)


Paul Embrechts (ETH Zurich)
Alexander McNeil (University of York)


The P&C Actuary Using Data Science – Business Cases for Data Science within P&C Companies
René Billing (HDI)
Frank Schönfelder (PwC)


On the Decomposition and Dynamics of Health Insurance Liabilities
Marcus Christiansen (Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg)


Health-Linked Life Annuities: Combining Protection and Retirement Income
Ermanno Pitacco (University of Trieste)


Inherited Heart Disorders: Implications for Life Insurance and Health Insurance
Angus MacDonald (Heriot-Watt University)


Technology Changes – And How the Work of Actuaries is Becoming Even More Critical to the Insurance Industry
Jürgen Huschens (IBM)


An Overview of Enhanced Statistical Models Used in Healthcare Analysis with a Focus on Providers
Fabian Winter (Munich Re)


Medical Infl ation and Health Insurance
J.-Matthias von der Schulenburg (Institute for Risk and Insurance at University of Hannover)


The Medicalization Hypothesis, Drug Related Expenses and the Demographic Change
Frank Wild (Scientific Institute of the Private Health Insurance)


How Shared Value Insurance Works
Emile Stipp (Discovery)


Optional Covers in German Public Health Insurance
Hanno Reich (KPMG)


Approaches to Capital Requirements in Health Insurance
Hanno Reich (KPMG)


An Analytical Framework for Medical Trends and Potential Mitigations
Stephen Bishop (Munich Re)


Capital Funding versus Pay-As-You-Go in Long-Term Care Financing
Frank Wild (Scientific Institute of the Private Health Insurance)

Market Consistent Cash Flows for Benefits, Tax and Future Profits in Life and Pension Insurance
Thomas Møller (PFA Pension)


Summer School: Aspects of Market-Consistent Valuation in Life Insurance
Frank Schiller (Munich Re)


Can Frailty Models Improve Actuarial Calculations in Health Insurance?
Ermanno Pitacco (University of Trieste)


Deep Dive on Market Consistent Cash Flows for Benefi ts, Tax and Future Profits in Life and Pension Insurance
Thomas Møller (PFA Pension)


Modern Data Analytic Methods for the Prediction of German Disability Incidence Rates
Frank Schiller (Munich Re)


Pension Saving Decision Making Under Lifetime and Investment Uncertainty
Mogens Steffensen (University of Copenhagen)

Securities Lending in Insurance
Enrico Biffis (Imperial College Business School London)


Different Benefit Triggers and Their Impact on Long-Term Care Life Insurances
Thorsten Hiester (Allianz)


Epidemic Risk Solutions – Laying Pricing Foundations for an Emerging New Market Segment
Gunther Kraut (Munich Re)


Genomics, Personalized Medicine and Insurance
Emile Stipp (Discovery)


Looking at Concentration and Composition
in the Life Insurance Context
Josée Kaulich-Bartz (Swiss Re)
Walter Olbricht (University of Bayreuth)

DC in a DB Country
Heribert Karch (Metallrente)


Intergenerational Fairness in a CDC Pension System
Oskar Goecke (Cologne University of Applied Sciences)


Default Retirement Income Strategy
David Blake (Pensions Institute at Cass Business School)


United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund
Denis Latulippe (Laval University)

New Developments in Insurance IT, Industrialization of Actuarial Processes
Patricia L. Renzi (Milliman)


Preparing Digital Insurance for Take-Off
Axel Helmert (msg life central europe)


Digital Disruption: The Impact of Information Management on New Products and Business Models for Society
Tom Jenkins (OpenText)


Data, Decisions, and Distortions: Decision-Making in the Modern World
David Hand (Imperial College London)


Big Data Analytics: Mining Your Catastrophe Claims Data for Competitive Advantage
Karen Clark (Karen Clark & Company)

Digitalisation – A Challenge for an Actuary?
Klaus-Dieter Engelhardt (Neuburger und Partner)
Ferdinand Helmer (Neuburger und Partner)

Current Topics of Insurance Supervision
Frank Grund (BaFin)

Panel Discussion on: The Role of Actuarial Associations in Data Science
Thomas Béhar (AAE, Institut des Actuaires)
Bob Beuerlein (American Academy of
Esko Kivisaari (IAA Big Data Working Group)
Stephen Lowe (Casualty Actuarial Society)