Apart from 5 plenary sessions and around 50 invited talks by well­-known lecturers and speakers, the program of the ICA 2018 will also include various sessions in which selected national and international prize winners introduce their research results. Alongside the ICA 2018 Best Paper Awards and the IAA Section Best Paper Awards the congress program will also feature the Bob Alting von Geusau Prize in the AFIR/ERM Section, the SCOR Actuarial Prize as well as various national young talents awards from France, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Canada, and the US.


ICA participants wishing to compete for the ICA 2018 Best Paper Awards or the IAA Section Best Paper Awards should submit, in addition to the regular abstract submission, a full paper of their results in pdf format using the ICA online submission tool no later than 31 July 2017.


— The Call for Papers for the ICA 2018 Best Paper Awards and the IAA Section Best Paper Awards is now closed! —


Further information on the application for all other awards can be found on the corresponding websites.


Information for Authors

The Scientific Committee, with the corresponding subcommittees supported by the IAA section committees, is currently reviewing all submissions and deciding on the composition of the congress program. All authors will be notified if their submissionshave been accepted or denied by November 2017.


Authors can enter the submission tool via this link:


Timeline Call for Papers

  • 31 July 2017: Submission deadline
  • November 2017: Notification of the authors about final decision
    • general scientific program onsite and online
    • ICA 2018 Best Paper Awards
    • IAA Sections Best Paper Awards
  • 19 November 2017: Publication provisional congress program

Call for Papers (for reference purposes)


— The Call for Papers is now closed! —

ICA 2018 Best Paper Awards

The Scientific Committee of the ICA 2018 will award a number of Best Paper Awards in six given subject areas. After consideration of all submissions, the Scientific Committee will decide on the number of awards and the respective cash prizes of up to € 1,500 for each subject area.  The prizes will be awarded in special sessions during the congress in Berlin.

Up to two Best Papers will be awarded in each of the following subject areas:

Every ICA participant is eligible to compete for the Best Paper Awards by submitting a paper in accordance with the submission procedures. Submissions  must  meet  the  following  additional  requirements:

  • Submitted papers have not already been accepted for publication in a scientific journal prior to submission.
  • Submitted papers must be written in English and may not exceed 40 pages.

If there are no suitable submissions, the Scientific Committee reserves the right to refrain from awarding any prizes. — The call for Papers is now closed! —

The ICA 2018 Best Paper Awards are supported by: 



Besides the Best Paper Awards in the six given topics, each Section of the IAA,

  • AFIR/ERM (Financial Risk & ERM)
  • ASTIN (Non-Life)
  • IAAHS (Health)
  • IAALS (Life)
  • IACA (Consulting)
  • PBSS (Pension Benefi ts & Social Security),

will also award Best Paper Awards in their subject areas. The  IAA  Sections  announce,  organize  and  select  the  award winner independently from all submissions and/or  all  talks  that  form  part  of  the  congress  program  of  ICA  2018.  By participating  in  the  ICA  2018  Call  for  Papers process, authors automatically enter the selection procedure.  Prize  winners  will  be  awarded  with a  prize of € 1,000 each. — The call for Papers is now closed! —