Prize Draw – We Have Found The Face Of The Actuarial Community!

The “I am 100,000” campaign began its journey two years ago with the aim to find and honor an actuary who represents the whole actuarial community of 100,000 members. In 2016, the ICA 2018 came up with an innovative and fun competition. Participants were invited to submit a selfie with the “I am 100,000” hand to enter the prize draw. A lot has happened since then. In total, 802 actuaries from 55 countries submitted their selfies.


All photos submitted — including funny scenes and creative poses — can be found in our gallery online.
28 February 2018 was the closing date for the prize draw. From all the selfies received, the ICA 2018 team drew the 100,000th actuary and thus the face of the actuarial community. Make sure you watch the making of video of the prize draw if you want to find out who the 100,000th actuary is!


The winner of the price draw will not only be the face of the actuarial community but will also be awarded a full-congress week ticket for the ICA 2018 in Berlin, free accommodation and all travel expenses. The intention of the “I am 100,000” campaign was to celebrate the impressive actuarial community of 100,000 members worldwide as part of the ICA 2018 in Berlin.
We would like to thank all actuaries for submitting their selfies and being part of the campaign.


More current information about the ICA 2018 in Berlin can be found in our 17th Newsletter .


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