Next ICA 2018 mug – Vote for the best slogan

ICA-Tasse_kleinAt the last Spring Meeting of the German Actuarial Association in April 2016 we launched our first merchandise mug in favor of the charity campaign “Actuaries For Actuaries”. For our next mug we have asked you to send us your ideas for slogans.

Now it’s your turn again: Vote for the best slogan!

We will announce your favorite slogan in our next newsletter and will use it for the branding of our next ICA 2018 mug which will be available at the ICA 2018-booths at the next events we are visiting.

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Start date 14-03-2018 09:49:00
End date 13-04-2018 23:59:59
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Choose your favorite ICA 2018 Formula, which formula should win?
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