Introducing the Limited Attendance Experiences – Ottobock Science Center

1303_OttoBock_Exterieur04_0122_final_klein In our new series we want to introduce the seven locations and the program of the limited attendance experiences available at the ICA 2018. The first issue features the Ottobock Science Center, located at the Potsdamer Platz.

The Science Center Berlin represents the medtech company Ottobock in the capital city. At first glance, the modern architecture of the building – also known as the “muscle house” – catches the visitor’s attention. Approximately 100,000 people visit the Science Center every year.  




Social part

The permanent exhibition with the title “Discover what moves us” focuses on the topics gripping, walking, bionics and fascinating inventions in medical technology. Various interesting and animated exhibitions call on visitors to do something. Learn about the anatomy and illuminate your own skin. Try different medical technology devices yourself: drive a wheelchair through a virtual course in Berlin. The exhibition shows how much effort is needed to coordinate your 600 muscles and 208 bones over a deep ravine – it’s “a balancing act”.

TStammberger_1212_SCB2_Balancieren_0821_klein TStammberger_1212_SCB2_Armmuskel_0966_klein

Scientific part

Prior to the tour through the Science Center, participants will attend a scientific talk focusing on topics concerning the sections HEALTH, LIFE and PENSIONS. The detailed topics will be announced in due course. All delegates interested in topics in these sections as well as the Science Center are welcome to join this unique limited attendance experience.

About the Limited Attendance Experiences: The limited attendance experiences will be held as an alternative to the excursions on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and are free of charge for all delegates. After an exclusive guided tour through the venue the particpiants can join a scientific presentation covering some actuarial side issues. This experience is limited to a maximum of 50 participants so early booking is recommended.

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