Introducing the Limited Attendance Experiences: The Berlin Museum of Medical History

If you are interested in medical history, the permanent exhibition: “On the trace of life” at the Berlin Museum of Medical History is definitely worth a visit. The museum, belonging to Berlin’s famous university hospital Charité, presents a historical overview of the past 300 years of medicine and also displays various aspects of current medicine and its possibilities. The museum is known for its large collection of pathological-anatomical wet and dry preparations.




Social part:

The origin of the museum starts with the opening of the pathological museum on 27 June 1899 by Rudolf Virchow. Virchow’s medical preparation collection could and can still be seen in glass showcases on five floors. Virchow’s successors managed to expand the collection over the years, which ultimately led to 35,000 medical preparations before the Second World War. Unfortunately, only 1,800 preparations survived the war. The museum was re-opened after the reunification of East and West Germany and instead of being just a pathological museum the “Berlin museum of medical history at the Charité” was created, which opened in 1998. The permanent exhibition opened in 2007 and presents a historical overview of medicine and the human body, including an anatomical theater, a dissecting room, laboratories and the famous old lecture hall ruins, which are a must-see alongside many more sights at the Charité.

Scientific part:

The scientific part of this limited attendance experience will be fascinating as well. On Tuesday 5 June 2018, Angus Macdonald from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh will give a presentation about “Inherited heart disorder: Implications for life insurance and health insurance” covering the health, life and pensions topic sections. On Thursday 7 June 2018, Gunther Kraut from Munich Re will inform us about: “Epidemic Risk Solutions – Laying pricing foundations for an emerging new market segment”, as part of the life and health sections. Both presentations will be held in the old lecture hall ruins of the Charité museum in Berlin.

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