Introducing the Limited Attendance Experiences: Classic Remise

Classic-Remise If you like cars, this is a must– originally used as a tram depot, the Classic Remise in Berlin reopened in 2003 as one of the first classic car centers of its kind worldwide. It exhibits various vintage cars and collectors’ items and serves as a garage and dealer for these old vehicles. Car enthusiasts can also visit several boutiques specializing in model cars, accessories, clothing or even spare parts. This limited attendance experience takes you on an automotive journey through the world of vintage cars.  (Photo:  DERDEHMEL)


Social part:

The guided tour will lead you through the Classic Remise in Berlin. You will get detailed information on the concept of the Classic Remise with its services and dealers as well as the history of the building. The exhibition contains several attractive vehicles and rare collector’s items and will last 45 minutes.

Scientific part:

Prior to the tour through the Classic Remise, participants will attend a scientific talk focusing on topics concerning the section ASTIN. The detailed topics will be announced in due course. All delegates interested in topics of this section as well as the Classic Remise are welcome to join this unique limited attendance experience. Please be aware that this limited attendance experience will only be offered on Tuesday.

Classic-Remise_2About the limited attendance experiences: The limited attendance experiences will be held as an alternative to the excursions on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and are free of charge for all delegates. Prior to an exclusive guided tour through the venue the participants will listen to a scientific presentation covering actuarial side issues. This experience is limited to a maximum of 50 participants so early booking is recommended.

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