Introducing the Limited Attendance Experiences: Allianz Forum

The Allianz Forum provides an opportunity for dialogue and interdisciplinary work focusing on the challenges of the 21st century such as demography, environmental and climate protection, sustainable growth and intercultural dialogue and the future of Europe. Berlin’s prestigious Pariser Platz which once divided the world is hence being transformed into a place where we can shape the future together.

Situated east of the Brandenburg Gate, Pariser Platz completes the famous Unter den Linden Boulevard. It’s also the counterpart of Platz des 18. März on the other side, which forms the end of Strasse des 17. Juni crossing the locality known as Tiergarten. Crown Prince Frederick (who later became Frederick the Great of Prussia) enhanced Unter den Linden between Schlossbrücke (Palace Bridge) and Pariser Platz with illustrious buildings and innovative architecture. This was the era which saw the construction of prestigious buildings like the opera house and Prince Henry Palace – now the Humboldt University. It was Frederick’s architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel who skillfully integrated the individual buildings into an overarching aesthetic concept. Between 1945 and 1989, Pariser Platz divided the world into East and West. Indeed, in 1961 the square became part of no man’s land alongside the Berlin Wall. Happily, it has been open to pedestrians ever since the Berlin Wall came down in 1989.


Social part:

Join us for a quick but deep tour into Berlin’s past. The bus will drop you off at Pariser Platz where we’ll kick off our walk with the most famous monument in all of Germany: the Brandenburg Gate. From its 18th-Century beginnings to the fall of the Wall, the Gate tells the whole story of Berlin’s history and is nowadays considered a symbol of European unity and peace. Learn all about the buildings around Pariser Platz, e.g. the Russian Embassy and the famous Adlon Hotel which has hosted a number of prominent figures since its opening in 1907, such as the Russian Czar, Albert Einstein, and Marlene Dietrich. Marvel at the Quadriga and see Berlin’s infamous “Ghost Stations” where the underground tram did not stop at stations in East Berlin because the trains belonged to West Berlin´s public transport system. Did you know that the Soviet War Memorial, located just a few steps from the Brandenburg Gate and featured in the cold war thriller “The Package”, was built from stonework taken from the destroyed Reich Chancellery? Catch a glimpse of the impressive 19th-century gleaming golden Victory Column before returning to Allianz Forum for the scientific part of this limited attendance experience.


Scientific part:

The sections presented in the Allianz Forum on Tuesday 5 June are AFIR/ERM and LIFE, according to the topic “Alternative Investments”, presented by Dirk Popielas from TC Advisory. On Thursday 7 June the sections PENSIONS and IACA will be covered during the presentation: “New products in occupational pension systems II”, held by the highly regarded Oskar Goecke from the Cologne University of Applied Science and Alfred Gohdes from the Rentenberatung Gohdes. All delegates interested in these section topics as well as the Allianz Forum are welcome to join this fascinating limited attendance experience.

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