ICA 2018 at the Annual Meeting of the DAV 2017

ICA 2018 is on the road again: From 26 to 28 April 2017 the ICA 2018 team will visit the DAV Annual Meeting in Berlin. In line with the general topic of the congress, “Demographic change”, the participants can try the ICA 2018 ageing tool to see what they will look like in 30, 40 or 50 years time.

Goldeni-CA_Plakat_kleinDuring the evening event all particpiants can take part in the film quiz „GoldenI(CA)“. With each correct answer participants support the charity campaign “Actuaries For Actuaries” to finance extra scholarships for actuaries from emerging countries or smaller actuarial associations.


We thank our Silver Partner, Debeka, for sponsoring the morphing software and the ICA 2018 quiz Game „GoldenI(CA)“.


Last but not least we will present the design of the second ICA 2018 mug with the winning slogan „Become an actuary..if something goes wrong you can always blame stochastics“. We thank Dr. Rainer Berntzen for submitting the slogan.

Furthermore the the Annual Meeting will again offer the virtual formats of VICA 2018. Interested candidates will be able to follow most of the presentations in Berlin live via internet.   The main programs of the following sections will be streamed online:

  • Actuarial Data Science
  • LIFE
  • DGVFM Scientific Day

The national ASTIN section program will also feature an online session. Prof. Alois Gisler, ETH Zurich, will offer a session on “Chain-ladder reserve uncertainties revisited”.


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