Annual meeting of the Institute of Actuaries of Japan

Dirk Nieder (Gen Re), Hideyuki Sumi (Institute of Actuaries of Japan), Roland Weber (German Association of Actuaries)

On 9 and 10 November the Institute of Actuaries of Japan hosted their annual meeting in Tokyo. The two-day conference takes place every autumn as a forum for members to present the most recent research outcomes. Highly regarded speakers from national and international ground and representatives of supporting organizations participate in this conference.

Roland Weber, president of the German Association of Actuaries, visited the annual meeting this year to introduce the ICA 2018. In his speech he talked about the scientific sessions and the entertaining social events at the ICA 2018, showed the “Getting Closer” music video of the first ICA Band “Carl Friedrich and the Abnormal Distribution” and invited all Japanese actuaries to take part in the world congress 2018.



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