Actuaries for Actuaries – Donation Check handed to former IAA President

€ 12.000 for the IAA Bursary Fund

The “Actuaries For Actuaries” project closes with a great result. Over the last two years, actuaries worldwide have participated in the project “Actuaries For Actuaries” in order to raise additional money for the IAA Bursary Fund. Their participation was asked when playing the actuarial quiz “Who’s gonna be an ICA Millionaire” and other entertaining games at different conferences in and outside of Germany.


In December 2017, the project was successfully completed and Michael Steinmetz, managing director of the German Association of Actuaries, passed a check for €8,761.75 Euro to Kurt Wolfsdorf, Chair of the ICA International Steering Committee and former IAA President. The DAV has decided to round up the donation amount to €12.000.
We would like to thank our main “Actuaries For Actuaries” partner, Zurich, as well as several other sponsors for their energetic support of the campaign.


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